Thursday, April 7, 2011

Words from "God Calling"

I read these words in my devotional book called God Calling and they were really encouraging to me and I hope they are to you too!

Know Me
"I am here. Seek not to know the future. Mercifully I veil it from you. Faith is too priceless a possession to be sacrificed in order to purchase knowledge. But Faith itself is based on a knowledge of Me. So remember that this evening time is not to learn the future, not to receive revelation of the Unseen, but to gain an intimate knowledge of Me which will teach you all things and be the very foundation of your faith."

                                                                   Wonders Will Unfold
"I am with you. Do not Fear. Never doubt My Love and Power. Your heights of success will be won by the daily persistent doing of what I have said. Daily, steady drops of water, so will your daily persistence wear away all the difficulties and gain success for you, and secure your help for others. Never falter, go forward so boldly, so unafraid. I am beside you to help and strengthen you. Wonders have unfolded. More still will unfold, beyond your dreams, beyond your hopes. Say "All is well" to everything. All is well!"
God Calling by: A. J. Russell 

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  1. This is good, Nan! Thanks for sharing!